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Wednesday, January 06, 2010
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Morgan County Schools are Going Green!

Along with the other schools in the district, Cotaco School is taking extra steps to go green!  Jill Faulkner is Cotaco's representative on the Green Team.  As a school, we will begin taking steps towards a "greener" future.  Some of the ways we are becoming more eco-friendly are:

Teachers will raise recycling awareness in the classroom.  This plan includes:

1)    Have recycle containers in each classroom

2)    Take recyclables to the green recycle  bins at least once a week beside the band room

3)    Flatten all cardboard before putting in recycle cardboard dumpster bin

4)    Remember, if one puts even 1 bag of regular  garbage in any of the recycling bins or cardboard dumpster it will go to the landfill and nothing in the container will be recycled.

5)    Currently (may change) the big recycle bins out back are picked up every Wednesday

6)    Recycling costs, but it is cheaper than garbage going to the landfill.  If we can recycle more and throw away less it will save us money!

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